Epic Battles in 8mm

19 July 2019

All the fluff data from Titandeath is now in the Titans section.

16 July 2019

Lots of great stuff on pre-order right now:

And notes from last week's AT18 Year One in Review Twitch stream:

30 May 2019

Added some more great Links, including more terrain manufacturers and the first AT podcast.

Also, FW did another Twitch stream that had some news:

13 May 2019

Lots of exciting Titanicus news from the weekend:

25 April 2019

I've added the Karsh XII Campaign, a series of 6 linked scenarios, to the Game section.

17 April 2019

Doom of Molech is on pre-order at GW, and should be released on the 26th of this month. I'm really looking forward to the new Maniples and Strategems, as well as being curious how they're going to deal with all-Knight forces.

01 Aptil 2019

Added a couple more sites to the Links section, and have been working on my 2 foot x 2 foot modular board system, constructed on 1/8 inch styrene. Pictures will eventually make it to the Hobby page once I get the HTML sorted.

21 March 2019

GW had a live stream on Doom of Molech, with lots of great information:

19 March 2019

GW has released the First Preview of Doom of Molech. Interesting highlights include:

18 February 2019

My copy of Titandeath has finally arrived. Expect the fluff to start filtering into the Titans section over the coming weeks.

My very brief review:

11 February 2019

Added a few things to the Links section while I wait for Titandeath to show up.

05 February 2019

The Horus Heresy Weekender yielded quite a bit of AT18 news. Some of the high points:

22 January 2019

Titandeath will be released on January 26th, along with a Warlord Weapon Sprue that provides Plasma Annihilators, Laser Blasters, and Arioch Power Claw.

With the wealth of fluff that's in the new book, I'm looking forward to adding to the Titans files.

07 January 2019

Just this last weekend, Titandeath was further teased by GW, and should be out late this month if rumors are correct.

Also of interest to AT fans, Dan Abnett announced that he will eventually write a sequel to his excellent novel Titanicus, though it could be years befre that comes to pass.

I've posted a couple more terrain companies in the Links section, and though I've had hobby progress, I'm having issues coding it, so "soon."

01 November 2018

All the fluff from the AT18 rulebook is now in the Titans section.

29 October 2018

Forge World had a live stream about the future of AT18, and they have big plans… Assuming that the game's sales support those plans ofer time

A very, very short and incomplete summary:

18 October 2018

Warhounds are now in the hands of players almost everywhere, completing the basic units for the game.

Sadly, GW has been silent on what's next for the game. There's plenty of things they've said they're going to do:

But they have not put any of it on their schedule yet, so there's no real way to tell what will come when. We'll just have to wait and see.

02 October 2018

A cool blog post: Gargants at Death of a Rubricist. Try them out!

01 October 2018

The upcoming release of the Warhound in two weeks will finish off the miniatures for basic units in the game — at long last.

I've also added a few more resources to the Links.

And more progress on my Quad Tower project in the Hobby area.

04 September 2018

Updated the Legios file in the Titans section with information out of the AT Rulebook.

Also started my first building project in the Hobby area.

23 August 2018

At long last, my Grand Master box has arrived, and it's amazing. Thankfully I've already had the rules in hand for almost a week, and I think my first projects will be:

15 August 2018

Welcome to Legio Titanicus!

AT18, which differentiates from the 1988 release of AT88, hits the shelves on 18 August 2018.

This site will have supplemental game material, information on Titans and Titan Legions, hobby logs and how-tos, and links to other resources around the web.

Things will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION for the next week or two while I digest the new rules, background, etc. Please pardon the dust.