Epic Battles in 8mm

25 March 2024

The Pre-Order announcement for next week includes both LI and AT goodness, including:

14 March 2024

Now that The Great Slaughter has been released, GW is previewing their next expansion with Super-heavy Tanks.

Looks like they're going with the same expansion scheme they used for AT in a series of expansion books over time.

13 February 2024

GW, has released a preview for The Great Slaughter covering their all-Titan combat rules modifications.

These feel really kludgey and don't sit well with the rest of the LI rule set. Playing a game of AT would work far better.

12 February 2024

The first expansion for LI, The Great Slaughter is on Pre-Order this Saturday. GW has also released an article on the background behind thuis historic event of the Horus Heresy.

05 January 2024

Happy New Year! I wish everyone many epic games of AT and LI over the coming year.

GW has announced the first expansion book to LI, The Great Slaughter, which has rules for drop pods, land speeders, jet bikes, Titan and Knight forces, and a campaign system.

This seems like the second half of the rulebook as oppossed to an "expansion."

14 December 2023

LI is out in the wild. Reviews have been guardedly positive.

GW continues to push new material, this time with an article on Malcador Infernus and Valdor Tank Destroyers.

16 November 2023

Two more articles:

15 November 2023

A landslide of LI material today:

11 November 2023

At long last, LI will go on Pre-Order this Saturday. It's a BIG bunch of product!

26 October 2023

This week's update covers the venerable Land Raider and its variants, the Proteus, Spartan, and Explorator. The kits for LI continue to impress.

19 October 2023

In today's weekly update, Dreadnought Drop Pods take center stage.

12 October 2023

This week brings an article on the Spartan Assault Tank, a variation of the Land Raider.

05 October 2023

As we continue to wait for definitive news on the release, GW has given us an article on Fast Attack Units.

28 September 2023

Still waiting on news regarding the release date of the game. In the meantime, this article on Drop Pods is very welcome.

12 September 2023

New article on terrain in AI.

31 August 2023

While not really news per se, GW has announced Knight House and Titan Maniple boxes for AI. If past boxes are any indication, these should be pretty good deals.

24 August 2023

Artillery is the topic of the most recent, and fairly short article for AI.

21 August 2023

We finally see Titan Rules in today's preview article.

14 August 2023

An article today on Knights in LI, along with the promise of articles on Titans and air support next week.

07 August 2023

A very interesting piece on the Solar Auxilia rules, with insight on Chain of Command, Auxilia detachment structure, and Point Defence for Super-Heavy tanks.

03 August 2023

Today's article is on Solar Auxilia Support units, but perhaps the most telling news is at the end. Looks like LI will be delayed past August to "later in the year."

02 August 2023

A new article on the Legiones Astartes with more information on army building and unit stats as well.

31 July 2023

Great article today on army building, turn sequence, and activation/combat!

28 July 2023

An article on old vs. new scale.

27 July 2023

The updates from GW have been coming fast and furious, so two for today.

They will be releasing 12x12 inch plastic City Road Tiles for the game, as well as re-releasing all the AT terrain sets. Details here.

GW also provided a tanks update with information on the Kratos Heavy Tank, Baneblade Superheavy Tank, and Demios-Patter Rhino.

20 July 2023

Today's update looks at the Marine Support Box. Lots of classic options and miniaturized FW models.

17 July 2023

GW takes a look at the Aethon Heavy Sentinel, but it's all fluff and no mechanics.

It does mention Legion Outriders and Scimitar Jet Bikes, so it's safe to say we'll see those eventually.

10 July 2023

This design article is a bit of a nothing sandwich. Take a look if you'd like.

07 July 2023

Looks like the Legions Imperialis updates are coming fast and frequent! The newest FAQ is up here

06 July 2023

Great news today that the Dire Wolf Titan will soon be available in plastic

05 July 2023

GW has announced that The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis is coming in August!

Legions Imperialis is a new version of Epic 40K in everything but name.

17 March 2023

While it may be trolling by GW, their latest article on 40 years of Warlord Ttians teases "eipc scale Warhammer".

13 March 2023

At long last, we have some AT news. Forge World will be bringing us Conversion Beam weapons for Warlords, Reavers, and Warhounds.

The Warlord arm version is a particularly nice design.

12 October 2022

In this week's Pre-Orders, we have several new AT18 items:

29 August 2022

GW has announced Graviton Weapons for Warlord, Reaver, and Warhound class Titans.

From the information available in the article, they will be high strength (S9 or S10), long range, and have the Concussive and Rending traits. Expect heavy point costs as well.

15 August 2022

Very little news on the official AT front, however...

The crazy folks at Battle Bling have created a Warbreaker-Class Titan, a variant of the Imperator Class. It will be available for order on 07 September. At the moment, pictures are only on Facebook. A few facts about the model:

06 July 2022

It's remained quiet on the AT news scene for the past few months.

GW surprised everyone with the Adeptus Custodes Ares Gunship for AI, but that's of limited use to most AT players.

14 March 2022

It's been a little quiet on the AT front for the past couple weeks. However, for those who want to integrate air power into their game, Hemlock & Nightshade fighters are making an appearance for the Eldar in Aeronautica Imperialis.

25 January 2022

Adding Wakes Emporium to the Links section. They're an excellent source of "Epic" miniatures for basing or adding infantry to your games.

24 January 2022

GW has announced the Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan.

The design draws heavily on the existing Warhound Titan, with a pinch of Warbringer thrown in.

10 January 2022

Happy New Year, AT fans!

Aeronautica Imperialis will be getting a number of new releases early in the year (Sunday Preview and Vampire Article)

It's worth taking a quick look at 2021 in review. It was a good year for AT, with quite a few releases:

15 November 2021

The smallest Knights, Armiger and Moirax will be coming to AT soon. While their addition to the game isn't a surprise, it will be interesting to see the rules.

08 November 2021

In an unexpected announcement, Necrons, will be coming to AI in the next few months.

A pleasant surprise that gives hope that Chaos will receive some forces as well, as they had them for the 1st edition of the game.

25 October 2021

Pre-Orders for next week are up, and it's going to be a big one for both AT and AI fans, including:

18 October 2021

In this week's Pre-Order Preview (about 2/3 of the way down) is the Acastus Knight Asterius, a variant of the Acastus Knight Porphyrion armed with Conversion Beam Cannons. The two variants are significantly different in appearance, the new Acastus taking its design cues from previous Forge World Mechanicum designs, such as the Questoris Knight Styrix.

27 September 2021

Lots of news on the AT front.

The Traitor Legios book has been announced. and will contain:

Also, Space Marine and Eldar fliers for Aeronautica Imperialis go up for pre-order this week. Great for basing and terrian fun, as well as those creating their own version of Epic 40K.

22 August 2021

GW has announced the Warmaster Iconoclast Titan, a close combat version of their largest Titan class thus far.

I've also taken the opportunity to fix or modify a few of the older Links.

13 July 2021

It's been mostly quiet on the Titanicus front over the past month.

3D modelers and printers, such as GrimDark Terrain and Battle Bling have been filling the void with some excellent terrain and weapon options while we wait for the eventual Traitor Legios book.

The other significant news is that in-person events have started up again, the most significant of which being the Reactor Meltdown tourney in the UK. Well done!

27 May 2021

Added the Smells Like Machine Spirit YouTube channel to the Links section. They do some good general content for AT.

The Warmaster kit and Loyalist Legios book have been released to widely positive reviews, and we're likely to have a lull in releases until Traitor Legios comes out later this year.

06 May 2021

While not strictly an AT announcement, GW is bringing Space Marines & Eldar to Aeronautica Imperialis. As we well know, there's nothing preventing the enterprising hobbyist from using those for Titanicus

09 April 2021

Lots of Adeptus Titanicus going on pre-order this weekend:

In other news, Legio Models, makers of 40K-scale Knight conversion kits, has announced that they will be doing AT conversion kits in the future.

26 March 2021

In a surprising announcement after a period of quiet, GW has announced Volkite Weaponry for the Warlord (Arm), Warhoud (Arm), and Reaver (Carapace). Though promoted as shield strippers, they seem to be a "little bit of everything" weapon.

24 March 2021

Have discovered some excellent "after-market" 3D print providers for terrain and Titan parts (all also in the Links section):

15 March 2021

While waiting for the Warmaster to hit pre-order, I discovered an excellent source of 8mm miniatures in Scourge Scenics. Check them out.

22 February 2021

A new AT podcast has released their Maximal Fire Episode 0 on Spotify. Mostly introductions, the game, the hobby, and such.

26 January 2021

Great article on Warhammer Community today discussing the Warmaster Titan in detail, including many rules and weapon options.

23 January 2021

Today's Epic Titanicus Reveal was the Warmaster Titan and the upcoming Loyalist Legios book with rules, maniples, background, and such.

Of course, they also as much as said that we could expect a Traitor Legios book in the not-so-distant future. Great news!

20 January 2021

The GW Preview this Saturday will feature, among other things, the new Titan.

From the hints and previews provided thus far, it looks like this Titan will be based on one of Jes Goodwin's early Titanicus sketches. This Titan looks burly, roughly equivalent to Warlord-sized.

02 January 2021

Fabulous news in the GW New Year's Preview! A New Titan is on the way.

It appears to be at least Reaver-sized, but could possibly be bigger than a Warlord. The images leave a lot of uncertainty. This is great news for the game!

21 December 2020

Happy Holidays to all, and here's hoping that 2021 is an amazing year for Titanicus!

Excellent news that Taro Modelmaker of custom 40K Knight fame, will soon be applying that same creativity to Titanicus! Expect more news on this in late spring.

07 December 2020

The Knights Atropos announced almost 2 weeks ago will go on pre-order this Friday. As with the other Mechanicum Knights, command terminals with all needed data will come with the miniature.

25 November 2020

Another surprise in this month's Engine Kill installment, this time previewing the Knight Atropos of the Mechanicum.

While the fact that we're getting this much support for AT is great, I have concerns that "Knighticus" releases instead of Titanicus ones may begin to alienate some of the player base.

02 November 2020

In this month's Engine Kill article, GW previewed their Magaera and Styrix Mechanicum Knights.

It looks like they will be doing these differently rules-wise than existing Knight banners, but it's difficult to tell from a short preview.

They will be resin (not plastic) miniatures, sold by FW, hopefully with command terminals and weapon cards.

19 October 2020

In this week's Pre-Order Preview, GW announced the release of Crucible of Retribution will be this weekend, along with an Open Engine War Card Pack. The card pack will allow you to randomly determine Deployment Map, Primary and Secondary Objectives, as well as Planetary and Battlefield Effects.

While not strictly needed, these can be handy for those who enjoy a random scenario and set up. However, if you want these, history shows that they will sell out quickly, so get ready on Saturday.

30 September 2020

GW has released information on their next Adeptus Titanicus book, Crucible of Retribution in their latest Engine Kill article.

It's interesting both what it contains and doesn't include:

Conspicuously missing, however, are rules for any new Titans, Knights, or weapon options for either.

10 August 2020

In the last few weeks, there's been quite a bit of movement in AT18:

20 July 2020

GW has come out of COVID hibernation, and is releasing previews on the new Defence of Ryza book.

The book will be available for pre-order this weekend, along with new Cerastus Knight variants.

22 June 2020

Check out my new Header image, created for me by the incomparable Nacho Fernandez Gonzalez!

24 May 2020

COVID-19 has essentially halted GW releases, though it looks like they're ready to start their engines again. Looking forward to seeing The Defence of Ryza!

Added a link to the excellent, competitvely oriented God Engine Cast to the Links.

01 April 2020

GW has released more information on The Defence of Ryza book in their more-or-less weekly Engine Kill article.

The essentials:

27 March 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a slow down in my update process, but Semper Titanicus!

Added a Links to the the excellent Shapeways page of Adeptus-Dad and his Proteus-Pattern Warhound from the old AT88 days.

13 March 2020

A few days ago at GAMA, GW revealed the next items in the que for AT18:

04 March 2020

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that GW has released version 1.1 of the AT18 FAQ that addresses most of the egregious balance issues with the game.

I will also slowly begin getting fluff from Shadow and Iron into the Titans section.

14 February 2020

Games Workshop had a Twitch feed on the new book, Shadow and Iron. There are many reviews of the book and its contents, so I will not repeat that here. However, highlights of the feed that stood out to me are:

12 February 2020

Lots of cool stuff releasing this week:

06 February 2020

More great news concerning the Shadow and Iron book available for pre-order this Friday. Features include:

29 January 2020

Games Workshop has made a major news announcement for both Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis.

For AT18, the next book will be Shadow and Iron, dealing with the Crusade of Iron, following the Betrayal at Calth. It will include rules for Psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister, as well as those for the Warbringer Nemesis Titan.

They will also release a new terrain set — Manufactorum Imperialis, with industrial terrain for the tabletop.

For AI19, the next book will be the Taros Air War campaign book.

For the Imperials, we get the Lightning fighter and the Valkyrie/Vendetta gunship. For the Tau, we'll see the Tigershark and Baraccuda.

All of this coming this spring.

06 January 2020

New Year's Open Day 2020 produced almost no AT18 news to speak of — only intimating that more substantial news would be coming "soon."

19 December 2019

The AT18 front has continued to be nigh-silent for the last month. We've know the next book will focus on Calth, but have almost no information on what will be in it, besides the historical context.

Given the roughly year-long lead time for plastic kits, the hope is that there are some new kits that will appear along with the book.

06 November 2019

It's been a little quiet on the AT18 & AI19 front for the past month or so, with the biggest real news being the release of the Ork Heavy Bommer. I expect that's because we'll see new material for both in the spring.

We know a Calth book is in the works for AT18, and I'd guess that Eldar would be the next logical expansion from AI19.

03 September 2019

This site will also be supporting Aeronautica Imperialis, which is a smashingly fun game if you've never tried it.

GW announced that it will share the same 8mm scale as AT18, though not the same ground scale, time scale, or rules.

Though AI19 is well worth playing on its own, I'll be figuring out aircraft "Command Terminals" for use with AT18.

19 July 2019

All the fluff data from Titandeath is now in the Titans section.

16 July 2019

Lots of great stuff on pre-order right now:

And notes from last week's AT18 Year One in Review Twitch stream:

30 May 2019

Added some more great Links, including more terrain manufacturers and the first AT podcast.

Also, FW did another Twitch stream that had some news:

13 May 2019

Lots of exciting Titanicus news from the weekend:

25 April 2019

I've added the Karsh XII Campaign, a series of 6 linked scenarios, to the Game section.

17 April 2019

Doom of Molech is on pre-order at GW, and should be released on the 26th of this month. I'm really looking forward to the new Maniples and Strategems, as well as being curious how they're going to deal with all-Knight forces.

01 Aptil 2019

Added a couple more sites to the Links section, and have been working on my 2 foot x 2 foot modular board system, constructed on 1/8 inch styrene. Pictures will eventually make it to the Hobby page once I get the HTML sorted.

21 March 2019

GW had a live stream on Doom of Molech, with lots of great information:

19 March 2019

GW has released the First Preview of Doom of Molech. Interesting highlights include:

18 February 2019

My copy of Titandeath has finally arrived. Expect the fluff to start filtering into the Titans section over the coming weeks.

My very brief review:

11 February 2019

Added a few things to the Links section while I wait for Titandeath to show up.

05 February 2019

The Horus Heresy Weekender yielded quite a bit of AT18 news. Some of the high points:

22 January 2019

Titandeath will be released on January 26th, along with a Warlord Weapon Sprue that provides Plasma Annihilators, Laser Blasters, and Arioch Power Claw.

With the wealth of fluff that's in the new book, I'm looking forward to adding to the Titans files.

07 January 2019

Just this last weekend, Titandeath was further teased by GW, and should be out late this month if rumors are correct.

Also of interest to AT fans, Dan Abnett announced that he will eventually write a sequel to his excellent novel Titanicus, though it could be years befre that comes to pass.

I've posted a couple more terrain companies in the Links section, and though I've had hobby progress, I'm having issues coding it, so "soon."

01 November 2018

All the fluff from the AT18 rulebook is now in the Titans section.

29 October 2018

Forge World had a live stream about the future of AT18, and they have big plans… Assuming that the game's sales support those plans ofer time

A very, very short and incomplete summary:

18 October 2018

Warhounds are now in the hands of players almost everywhere, completing the basic units for the game.

Sadly, GW has been silent on what's next for the game. There's plenty of things they've said they're going to do:

But they have not put any of it on their schedule yet, so there's no real way to tell what will come when. We'll just have to wait and see.

02 October 2018

A cool blog post: Gargants at Death of a Rubricist. Try them out!

01 October 2018

The upcoming release of the Warhound in two weeks will finish off the miniatures for basic units in the game — at long last.

I've also added a few more resources to the Links.

And more progress on my Quad Tower project in the Hobby area.

04 September 2018

Updated the Legios file in the Titans section with information out of the AT Rulebook.

Also started my first building project in the Hobby area.

23 August 2018

At long last, my Grand Master box has arrived, and it's amazing. Thankfully I've already had the rules in hand for almost a week, and I think my first projects will be:

15 August 2018

Welcome to Legio Titanicus!

AT18, which differentiates from the 1988 release of AT88, hits the shelves on 18 August 2018.

This site will have supplemental game material, information on Titans and Titan Legions, hobby logs and how-tos, and links to other resources around the web.

Things will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION for the next week or two while I digest the new rules, background, etc. Please pardon the dust.