01 October 2018

I finished the non-painting and basing portion of my Quad Tower, and am really pleased with how it turned out.

Quad Tower

And I had enough bits left over for one smaller building, which I also like.

Spares Building

Now I'm waiting on some 1/8 inch styrene for basing these, and then paint.

04 September 2018

The first step of any project — planning.

I typically use SketchUp Make for simple 3D visualization of projects like this.

Quad Tower

This will take 4 small and 4 large building sprues, and have enough left over for one more small building — so this is no small endeavor!

The plan is to place a 40K Comm Objective on top of each tower, have (maybe) an Arvus Lighter on the central Landing Pad, and some sort of fighter/bomber crashed into the side of one tower.

I'll be doing a test fit for the top of one tower and digging through my bitz box as the next steps.

The hobby possibilities for AT boggle the mind